Why Are Quartz Watches More Accurate Than Mechanical

The appearance of a battery-powered watch or quartz watch leads wristwatches to become cheaper and more accurate since the second half of the 20th century. No matter how cheap the quartz watches are, their timekeeping accuracy is qualified for most of the users.

Essentially, a quartz watch will be more accurate than a mechanical watch. But initially many watch enthusiasts are constantly arguing what’s the most precise watch.
And if you want to know the inherent reason, it is critical to figure out their basic physics firstly or operating principle of movement.

Oscillation of the mechanical watch relies on the normal operation of gears, escapement, and oscillator, basically supported by energy, which requires manual winding or natural motion of the wearer.

When the mechanical watch oscillates, some minor friction is caused inevitably, generating energy consumption. As for the quartz watch obtaining the energy from a battery, its power to keep crystal oscillating tends to be stable, losing only a few seconds per month compared with other types of watches.

The inherent frequency of a quartz watch is more reliable than the mechanical watch in the aspect of keeping the watch operating. No matter how elaborate the mechanical watch is, it is restricted by the complicated internal structure. Because its movement may be made up of hundreds of components and the energy released through a system of gears.

Unlike the mechanical watch, the accurateness of quartz watches will not be affected by physical factors. The frequency of oscillation of crystal inside the quartz watch is inclined to be unvarying and specifically not influenced by the external design. In other words, a good mechanical the watch has higher requirements for its structure or design of the watch.

As the critical influencing factor, natural forces of the universe or gravity has plagued many watchmakers for centuries. Internal components of watch are always “pulled” by gravity. The appearance of tourbillon designs is a good proof of watchmakers’ dedication to overcoming this problem actually.

The factor that mechanical watch dedicated to removing its interference is not a threat to the quartz watch. No matter where you are on the earth, it will rotate at a certain frequency.

Each type of watch has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is the reason why they can survive and develop to the present. Choosing which one depends on your requirements and personality.


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