Basic Wristwatch Components

Professional wristwatch manufacturers - Naviforce will introduce you to about the basic wristwatch components. Nearly every watch possesses the following fundamental elements, ranging from the case, lug, crown, strap, hands, bezel, crystal, to dial.

The case aims to protect the inner components of the watch, especially its movement. Generally, the case is made of a common material, stainless steel, which drives the case to be capable of handling the slight vibration the watch receives as well as keeping metallic luster. Through finishing like high-polish, smooth, or matte, the case could be showed differently.

With the support of metal spring bars, the lug is located between the case of watch and the strap of the watch, specializes in connecting these two parts.

For most of the watches, the crown is designed to situate around the dial of the watch and utilized to adjust the time or other functions. When the crown of the water-resistant watch is in the normal state or not pulled out, water will be prevented from entering the watch. Watch manufacturers tend to add some non-slip texture to the crown or decorate them with diamonds for better-looking.

Whether the watch is comfortable or not greatly depends on the material selection of the watch strap. Some common leather straps include calfskin, lizard, ostrich, alligator, crocodile, and toad. Besides, a nylon strap rubber strap is suitable for sport-style watches, especially diving watches usually come with rubber straps.

Hands of watch usually refer to hours and minute and second hands, through which the time is displayed. In order to match to watch design style, watch hand varies in color, shape, and material. And as for multifunctional watch, other hands of sub-dials are also available absolutely.

The bezel is shaped like a ring on the top of the case, surrounding the crystal. Some of them will be designed to be of ornamentation or scales. Multifunctional watch prefers rotating bezel, through which the watch-wearers could adjust the time zone.

The crystal keeps dust and dirt out of the watch dial, for which the formal operation of watch would not be influenced. Three main types are involved in watch-making absolutely, ranging from plastic glass, mineral glass, and sapphire crystal.

The dial is where the watch can be the most expressive. It is the flat surface beneath the crystal and can come in many color options, textures, and materials. Dials can use Roman numerals, Arabic numbers, or even more simple stick bar markers to indicate the time.

The dial is located inside the case and beneath the crystal, involving the hour marker and decorative texture. The hour marker generally uses Roman numerals or Arabic numbers. Some multifunctional watches possess an LCD display on the dial.



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