• How the Quartz Movement Works

    How the Quartz Movement Works
    As the newest high-tech mechanical device, the "quartz watch" enters the market during the 1970s. In the initial stage, quartz watches were equipped with red LED displays. In the United States, such a watch was priced at $500 at that time. And both LCD and a traditional mechanical movement can be applied to display the time. From then on, the quartz watch has emerged...
  • Why Are Quartz Watches More Accurate Than Mechanical

    Why Are Quartz Watches More Accurate Than Mechanical
    The appearance of a battery-powered watch or quartz watch leads wristwatches to become cheaper and more accurate since the second half of the 20th century. No matter how cheap the quartz watches are, their timekeeping accuracy is qualified for most of the users.Essentially, a quartz watch will be more accurate than a mechanical watch. But initially many watch enthusiasts are constantly arguing what’s the...
  • Basic Wristwatch Components

    Basic Wristwatch Components
    Professional wristwatch manufacturers - Naviforce will introduce you to about the basic wristwatch components. Nearly every watch possesses the following fundamental elements, ranging from the case, lug, crown, strap, hands, bezel, crystal, to dial. CaseThe case aims to protect the inner components of the watch, especially its movement. Generally, the case is made of a common material, stainless steel, which drives the case to...
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